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If you have used a Windows computer your entire life and you've finally decided to take the plunge to the "ultimate PC upgrade" - a Mac, you will most probably catch yourself worrying whenever you open this area and take out your gleaming new Mac, about whether you really learn how to use your new purchase. Some things are the same about the Mac - like clicking on something to start it. Try to use somewhat deeper, like by using a program to deliver an e-mail, and everything seems to work differently. For instance, switching between different open windows for the PC, you just need to press Ctrl + Windows Key + Tab to activate the Flip 3D function. One reason this won't work on Macintosh computers is there isn't any Windows key. You'll have to learn all-new keyboard shortcuts to make on your path around a Mac. Let's look at a summary of probably the most useful keyboard shortcuts you should use on Macintosh computers.

The MAC user probably has been aware of this system. By using it, you are able to share printers, hard disk drives, folders, files and the like. The price for Dave is around $149 to get a single user licence plus it uses the short, industry standard Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) as opposed to Apple-Talk. It is also designed particularly for the Apple Macintosh. After you set it up about the Macintosh, no additional software programs are required and yes it works for those current versions of the Mac Os, including OS X.

The Apple iMac MB950LL/A DESKTOP, all-in-one computer, combines immaculate style with state-of-the-art, first class hardware. This sleek looking desktop isn't only eye-candy that quickly gets to be a conversation piece in a room; but everything works smoothly straight out from the box with the Mac OS X operating-system. You can, literally, setup and reconnoiter (means "explore":) this computer a few minutes after unpacking it; it IS that simple to use. But don't be misled, Apple uses some with the most innovative technology then one in the world's innovative systems to power this "easy to use" little bad boy!

Apple's Final Cut Pro and Adobe's Premiere Elements both offer a free 30-day trial period. However, my tastes were very simple, and I found them both much too complicated. All I wanted to perform, would have been to remove certain areas of my existing videos. I found that Apple's QuickTime Pro version 7 was exactly what I was trying to find.

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