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Welcome to Conrad Osaka, your 'address in the sky.' With a commanding presence on Nakanoshima between the Dojima and Tosabori rivers, this sleek luxury hotel offers incredible views of the water and Osaka from all guest rooms and public areas. Connect easily with West Japan's largest city - walk to shops and offices in Umeda, and immerse in local food and culture in Namba. Our Conrad team enriches your stay with intuitive, tailored Conrad Osaka resides on the highest floors of Nakanoshima Festival West Tower, home to shops, restaurants and an art museum. Festival Hall is next door, easily reached via underground link. The hotel is also connected to Higobashi and Watanabebashi stations for quick access to businesses, attractions, and ITM and KIX airports. Guest rooms start at 50 sq. m. Choose an executive room or suite for private check-in and Executive Lounge access. The hotel has a prime location for exploring Japan's rich history, cuisine and cutting-edge entertainment.

"Everybody believes the so-called ‘Olympic legacy’ will enable Japan to develop and grow further as a popular destination," said Kobori. In fact, the fastest-growing tourism issue is Japan’s tourism imbalance between popular destinations and lesser-known cities and regions. Consider 2017 JNTO statistics on country-wide visitation habits to understand the disparity. Of the more than 28 million visitors who came to Japan in 2017, the Kanto Region (home of Tokyo) saw more than 27 million visitors, while the Kinki Region (home of Kyoto and Osaka) welcomed 17 million. Meanwhile, the country’s lesser-known Shikoku and Tohoku Regions received just 690,000 and 966,000 visits, respectively, during the same period. The challenge of this imbalance is twofold.

Another goal to help mitigate this destination imbalance is encouraging more visits from tourists located so-called "long-haul" markets such as Australia, North America, and Europe. There’s no question that Japan faces a complicated path on its journey to reach 40 million visitors. But based on growing evidence, the public and private tourism sectors are already working to create a new vision, transforming how they promote Japan to the world and how visitors will experience the country once they arrive. On the promotional side, JNTO is working to change perceptions of Japan by means of a combined market research and advertising campaign targeting long-haul visitors.

The first stage involved consumer research to identify seven visitor "passions" around the themes of cuisine, tradition, nature, city, relaxation, art, and the outdoors. "For the first time, we completed an extensive survey in these markets to understand why they don’t come to Japan, even though they like traveling," explained JNTO’s Kobori. As Kobori believes, many of the experiences featured in "Enjoy my Japan," like the country’s national parks and beaches, are not well known among this audience. "We wanted to let people know more about different aspects of Japan as a travel destination," he said. "Many people who have a ‘one-sided’ image of Japan only know about our metropolitan areas. Japan’s transformation of its tourism strategy doesn’t stop there.

Another facet of the country’s plan was the launch of the Private Lodging Business Act in June 2018, which aims to better facilitate and manage the growth of private lodging services (called "minpaku") such as Airbnb throughout the country. ] can cause problems, so that’s why we introduced a new system with better structure to control it," explained JTA’s Takashina. To help further alleviate the growing visitor crunch, Japanese officials are also forming private sector partnerships to help boost hotel capacity, particularly in underserved destinations. A new Ritz Carlton development in Nikko, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and new Hilton properties in Hiroshima and Nagasaki near the cities’ convention facilities, are just a few examples.

In addition, a variety of independent and luxury chains have announced openings in the country. "In the next couple of years, we’ll have two or three dozen new hotel properties in the luxury category opening, not only in Tokyo but in other local areas," said Kobori. These new properties should help stimulate new demand in lesser-known regions of the country. Yet another change involves encouraging collaboration and providing support for local and regional tourism boards. Until a few years ago, marketing and tourism activity was handled individually by each region or city. Tourism leaders at JNTO recognize the need to empower more local tourism leaders to innovate, collaborate, and develop a tailored strategy that works for their own region. "We have to invest," said Kobori. Japan has made a significant bet that tourism can ensure the country’s economy continues to thrive in the years ahead.

Osaka Castle is one of the great landmarks in Osaka. The current castle was first restored in 1931. At that time, it was a state of the art building equipped with an elevator. Then, Osaka Castle was revived again through renovation conducted from 1995 to 1997. In a way, it might disappoint visitors who love original architecture and artifacts. However, that should not discourage people from visiting the castle. The current incarnation of Osaka Castle has many attractions that can’t be found at other original castles. As mentioned before, since the building is equipped with an elevator, those with mobility issues can enjoy every level. This building has a plenty of displays that help visitors learn about the castle. For example, on the third floor, there are miniaturized models of the original. On the fourth floor, visitors can learn the history of the Sengoku period when provincial wars were widespread throughout the country and many warlords tried to rule Japan, including Hideyoshi Toyotomi.

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